Frequently asked questions

We didn't think a restaurant would need a FAQ page but after fielding questions from our diners, we felt it would be a good idea to share them here.  If your question is not addressed here, feel free to send us a note and we will respond ASAP.

Where are you located? We could not find you!

We are located in the plaza across from Superstore on 120th street & 81st Ave. ​Our location is adjacent to Lee Garden Chinese restaurant but there is currently no signage as we are operating a cloud kitchen.

What is a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is newer concept of a commercial kitchen with no storefront. Often operators find an affordable location in a non-retail area to open a kitchen to reduce operating costs and use delivery services to deliver their food. Although we are in a retail location, due to COVID-19, we have not finished renovation on our restaurant. We have a licensed working kitchen and hence we launched Rotiz Kitchen as a cloud kitchen for curbside pick-ups and 3rd party deliveries (Uber Eats & Door Dash).


Are you a licensed facility (liquor license)?

We are in the process of acquiring a liquor license. As all government offices were shut or working with limited capacity, it has taken the application process longer but we hope to receive our license soon.


When will you open your restaurant?

We, like many other businesses in the hospitality sector are still trying to work around the challenges we may face post-COVID and reworking our concept and plan. We do not have an estimated timeline as yet but we will keep the community appraised of the opening of Mya Kitchen.


What is Mya Kitchen?

Mya Kitchen is the concept restaurant we had planned to open (pre-COVID). It will be an exciting new concept to this part of the world, modern yet comfort cuisine, chef crafted creative plates that will focus on bold but clean flavors of south Asia, support local and sustainable practices and bring in seasonal freshness to the menus. In short, food with integrity. 


What is unique about Rotiz Kitchen?

The love and care that we put into our products, our passion for quality & taste and consistency is where we stand out. All our take away orders are packaged in tamper proof packaging for your safety and peace of mind. We are HACCP compliant and take the safety of our food and diners seriously.

What dishes do you recommend?

Really everything, but you must try our grills (kebabs & tikkas) and all our signature items identified on our menu.  Our dum biryanis are extremely flavorful and not overly spiced like many other restaurants. Our signature desserts are unique with south Asian flavors but only a fraction of the sweetness that will leave you feeling less guilty. 

Why are some of your dishes different in taste than what is available elsewhere?

You may find a few of our dishes tasting different and that is because we use authentic rather than commercial recipes. Our chefs are classically trained and we endeavor to keep the classics as close to original as possible in this part of the globe.

Do you cater to larger events?

We are happy to do large orders on advance notice for pick-ups. Currently there is a cap on larger events but if you wish to entertain extended families and close friends, we would be happy to work with you and customize a menu for your event that can be traditional Indian, modern Indian or even international since our team has extensive international experience including Michelin star restaurants in Europe. Our culinary lead is a certified chef, has won multiple awards in Canada, USA & International and has catered to high profile celebrities in his career of 30+ years.

About Rotiz

Indian food never tasted this good!

Founded in 2020, Rotiz Kitchen is known for revolutionizing the way people eat and enjoy Indian food. We take pride in our ability to balance the most unique flavors from around the the Indian subcontinent and share them with the Surrey area. 

In this post-COVID world, the safety of our customers and our team is our priority. Our food is prepared using stringent food safety procedures and the safety of our diners is  assured by our tamper-proof packaging of the meals.

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